RocSci High School

150 Floverton St. Rochester
P: (585) 666-9596 F:(585) 770-7033

Serving 9-12 students in Rochester

RocSci Elementary School

545 Humboldt St. Rochester
P: (585) 484 1121

Serving K-4 students in Rochester

BuffSci Elementary

89 Clare St. Buffalo
P: (716) 415 2302

Serving K-4 students in south Buffalo

BuffSci 2 Elementary School

335 Doat St. Buffalo
P: (716) 415 2304

Serving K-4 students in east Buffalo

BuffSci High School

190 Franklin St. Buffalo
P: (716) 415 2311

Serving 9-12 students in Buffalo

BuffSci Middle School

100 Poplar Ave.
P: (716) 415 2303

Serving 5-8 students in Buffalo

Buffalo/Rochester Academy of Science Charter Schools

A K-12 Public Charter School Network serving students in Buffalo and Rochester area since 2004.


BuffSci/RocSci will provide an excellent K-12 academic experience that ensures all students are prepared for college and careers of the highest potential as academically, socially, emotionally and physically well-rounded and contributing citizens.


BuffSci/RocSci envisions a society where historical urban academic and income disparities are eliminated and students are ready to carry the torch of knowledge, freedom, equity, and prosperity.

Key Design Elements

  • STEM- infused college preparatory curriculum to ensure our students are able to access 21st-century careers.
  • Data-driven- decision-making to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Challenging curriculum— proven to eliminate academic disparities—and higher graduation requirements including Honors classes, Advanced Placement classes, and Regents diploma with advanced designations.
  • Closing the gaps by providing instructional support for all students through intervention, special programs, remediation, tutoring, after-school enrichment, and instructional modifications that accelerate student movement between proficiency levels.
  • Character development with an emphasis on social-emotional learning and physical well-being.
  • Teacher training ensures ongoing, strong teacher professional development, coaching, mentorship, and professional learning communities that enable all teachers to be experts in their classrooms.
  • Teacher-family partnerships to ensure that students are best supported in and out of school.
  • College for all, with an emphasis on college planning and individual guidance counseling.

At our schools, excellence in education is not just a goal, it's our reality. We are thrilled to share that our commitment to providing outstanding educational experiences has been recognized by leading education platforms and organizations.

#1 in Best Charter School in Buffalo Area

Our charter schools have earned accolades from, where we consistently rank as the best in our region. These rankings underscore our dedication to fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment for our students.

Top Charter School in Buffalo Area

We are proud to consistently receive top ratings on Our schools have consistently achieved the highest marks, reflecting our dedication to delivering quality education that empowers students to thrive.

Best Charter High School in Western New York

Our commitment to academic excellence has also been acknowledged by US News & World Report, where we have earned first-place rankings in various categories. This recognition showcases our relentless pursuit of educational success.

At our schools, we take pride in our students' holistic development, which is why our success isn't limited to academics alone. Our commitment to excellence extends to athletics and various extracurricular activities. We are thrilled to share a glimpse of our recent achievements:

Academic Excellence:

Our commitment to academic excellence shines through. Our high school robotics team clinched the Western NY Regional Event championship, showcasing our dedication to innovation. Over the years, our robotics team has consistently earned awards. Additionally, our middle school Science Olympiad team has won multiple medals, fostering a passion for science among students. Our rocket design team's recognition and participation in the FIRST Lego League promote hands-on learning and teamwork.

Athletic Achievements

We take pride in our well-rounded education that nurtures both the mind and body. Our students' dedication and athleticism shine in various sports, including girls' flag football, boys' basketball, soccer, bowling, and track. These accomplishments reflect our commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for success in all aspects of life.

Extracurricular Excellence

Beyond academics and athletics, our schools excel in extracurricular activities. Our students' artistic creativity and environmental commitment were recognized in the Erie County Art Contest, where they won first place and awards for their rain barrel designs. These accomplishments reflect our dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals. Our school network embraces a diverse range of activities, from robotics to rain barrel design, allowing students to explore their passions and develop valuable life skills.

At BuffSci and RocSci, we pride ourselves on our commitment to academic excellence, and our state test results serve as a testament to our dedication to student success. See our results at

Proficiency Rates:

Our students consistently outperform their peers in the region and in its school district of location (Buffalo and Rochester), achieving much higher rates of proficiency in state tests. Students exceed New York state test averages—including students who are minority, low-income, English learners, or students with disabilities. This underscores the quality of education we provide and the exceptional skills our students acquire during their time with us.

Student Growth:

We are proud to report that our students not only excel in proficiency but also exhibit significant academic growth. These results reflect our commitment to nurturing each student's potential and ensuring they continually progress in their educational journey. Again, students well exceed proficiency compared to its districts of location (Buffalo and Rochester) as well as NY state averages.

Graduation Rates:

Our unwavering commitment to student success extends to graduation. We are pleased to share that our graduation rates consistently surpass 90%, and often are 100%, reflecting our dedication to preparing students for a bright future. Drop-out rates are very low also exceeding district of location and NY averages.

At our schools, we understand that the voices of our parents and staff are invaluable in shaping our educational community.

Parent Surveys:

Our parents consistently express high levels of satisfaction with the education and support their children receive at our schools. An overwhelming 86% of our parents responded by stating that they highly recommend our school to other parents. The positive feedback we receive from parents underscores our commitment to providing a nurturing and enriching learning environment.

Staff Surveys:

Our dedicated staff members play a pivotal role in the success of our schools. The results of staff surveys reveal that our educators and support staff are proud to be part of our educational community. In a heartening response, 80% of our teachers agreed that overall, our school is a happy place for staff. Their insights and feedback are instrumental in continuously improving our programs and services.

We value transparency and collaboration. The feedback we receive from parents and staff informs our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible educational experience for our students and create a positive work environment for our staff. We appreciate the trust and confidence placed in us by our community and remain committed to delivering excellence in education.

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College for All

100% College acceptance

Early STEM Education

Kindergarten is the best place to learn engineering


Award-winning Robotics Team

Path to Success

90% and up graduation rate

Learning is Fun

We teach, they have fun

Education Technology

All students have access to technology


Books and libraries for all

Girls Basketball Team

We offer multiple competitive team sports

Soccer Team

We offer multiple competitive team sports

Ready to Learn

Bright classrooms full of supplies and materials


Choose and join one of many after-school clubs

Visual Arts

Arts are important part of our programs

Performing Arts

Cultural diversity in arts


Our athletics programs not complete witout fans

Gross Motor Skills

Fun at the elementary school playground


State-of-the-art libraries

Girls Voleyball Team

We offer multiple competitive team sports

Flag Football Team

Charter School League Champion


Make friends and have fun


Student growth is our success measure


Our hallways designed to ignite inspration


After-school activities


Extra-curricular Stem programs

Hands-on Science

Science programs

No Math Anxiety

Early math learning makes sure student’s success


Graduate ready for college

Think Big

Create opportunities for all